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“Your PDP report was one of the most tangible exercises I have ever participated in, in terms of understanding my natural makeup and the way I relate to others, particularly my wife. I truly believe that any individual, church or corporation would gain enormous benefit from PDP.” John C

Proven Programs – people are diverse!

You are involved in something big – people, performance and profitability! Solutions by Design provides ‘solutions by design’ and believes your organisation will grow if your people are growing. Your people are your greatest asset. How well do you know them? Solutions by Design uses one of the best user-friendly behavioural assessment solutions in the market place today – the Professional DynaMetric Programs™ – to assure growth in competency, performance and profitability by optimising the growth of people. PDP provides a solution to one of the toughest – most important – challenges to management today.

The challenge? 

Making performance and profitability happen through selecting, leading, managing, training, keeping and growing the right people to ensure the ongoing success of your organisation. With over 5 million people surveyed in thousands of corporations, PDP does work!  We can assist you to move your organisation to the next level through knowledge impartation and skills training.

Powerful Graphics – reports are cognitive!

Participants quickly learn how to read their own profiles and soon adapt to reading the profiles of their colleagues. In this way the unity of a diverse group of personalities and unique temperaments is established and a strong cohesiveness is the outcome.

Many have responded how ‘liberating’ the experience is as they gain a better understanding of their peers and managers.

Comprehensive Reporting – reports are accurate!

We have found consistently our reports are 96% accurate and individuals and organisations are amazed at the results. We are committed with excellence to – identify organisation needs; impart essential knowledge; inculcate creative attitudes; encourage effective habits; maintain positive behaviours; develop skills & competencies; promote customer service and evaluate workplace productivity. Comprehensive Reports, Overview Reports, Interactive Management Guides and TeamScan Reports assist managers with their staff training.

Professional Inventories – requirements are different!

To create productive conditions means knowing your people.

What does a PROSCAN™ profile reveal?  It:

  • Is a reliable indicator of a person’s potential;
  • Indicates a person’s natural communication, work & relational styles;
  • Identifies the most dynamic motivations operative in each individual;
  • Reveals how a person makes decisions;
  • Measures stress & morale;
  • Provides information in both written and graphics format;
  • Enables management based on realities instead of illusions;
  • Identifies energy capacity and the most efficient way to utilise that energy.

TEAMSCAN™ provides a team analysis which:

  • Uncovers the synergies in your organisation;
  • Helps build staff relationships and role assignments;
  • Enables better product and service outcomes;
  • Provides insights for improving interpersonal communication, appreciation and cooperation;
  • Assists you keep your finger on the pulse of each part of your organisation;
  • Reveals dynamic and objective information concerning the various teams within your organisation;
  • Provides information needed for strategic Human Resources adjustment, career-pathing and succession planning.

Personal Feedback – confidentiality is maintained!

Solutions by Design maintains the highest professional protocols concerning confidentiality. Counselling services are provided where needed using other inventories such as Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis; Prepare* Enrich 2000; Conflict Resolution; Self-Esteem and Cultural Sensitivity.

Multi-media Seminars – people are involved!

Dynamic, interactive, multi-media seminars reinforce personal feedback and comprehensive reports. Participants receive work books and are positively involved with the learning process.

Seminars include—

  • Unlocking the Personality Puzzle
  • Building Teams that Communicate
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
  • Power of Vision
  • Managing Mission and Change
  • Managing Stress;
  • Mentoring by Design and many more …”

One of the amazing stories using the Professional DynaMetric Program programs