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Denis V Smith is an Executive Consultant and over many years has been involved in providing objective answers to many individuals, groups, businesses, corporations, leaders and managers, churches and charities. For over 50 years he has travelled internationally and spoken at conferences, churches and significant gatherings in many nations. He now uses that experience to assist others on their journey to discover and fulfil their destiny. Denis believes that it is important to maintain an active commitment in life and also enjoy the journey. He is an author, speaker and consultant who assists people to discover who they really are and be prepared for their future.

Solutions by Design primarily uses one of the best user-friendly behavioural assessment solutions in the market place today – the Professional DynaMetric Programs™ – to assure growth in competency, performance and profitability by optimising the growth of people.

PDP provides a solution to one of the toughest – most important – challenges to management today. The challenge? Making performance and profitability happen through selecting, leading, managing, training, keeping and growing the right people to ensure the ongoing success of your organisation.

With an emphasis on vision and mission development, good governance, effective human resources and training, Denis empowers people to be effective in their roles and responsibilities.

With over 4 million people surveyed in thousands of corporations, PDP does work! We can assist you to move your organisation to the next level through knowledge impartation and skills training.

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Solutions by Design offers the following surveys:


  • Personality Profiling – to know who you really are
  • Conflict Resolution – to ascertain skills and competencies
  • Cultural Sensitivity – to discover awareness in cultural sensitivities
  • Motivation to Ministry – to find what motivates you to minister
  • Calling to Service – to assist on your journey of effectiveness
  • Prepare/Enrich – to enrich dynamic relationships
  • Self-Esteem – to evaluate your personal perceptions
Dr. Denis V Smith has been involved in national and international Christian ministry for over 50 years and has used his personal giftings and skills to develop leaders using these inventories, which are followed up by mentoring and coaching.   The profiles provide graphic and written comprehensive reports to assist individuals and groups focus on the reality of their present needs and future desires.

Solutions by Design has provided services to industry, charities, educational institutions, hotel management, medical groups, printing companies, computer companies, software development groups, churches, welfare institutions, multi-national executives and schools. Where Do You Need Assistance? We provide an integrated suite of behavioural software and dynamic services:

Building on Strengths in Others? We can show you your innate personality strengths, how you make decisions, the size of your internal ‘battery’ which is the sum of your personal, intellectual, social, spiritual and academic strengths and how you predictably approach tasks and work commitments.

Matching People to Jobs? Using the Job Dynamics Analysis® and matching it with the ProScan 400 Survey®, it is easy to see the personality ‘fit’ between the individual and the work for which they are responsible. Consideration is given to present stress loads.

Effective Teams? As we empower individuals to ‘read’ their own profile, they will quickly learn to read the ‘profiles’ of their team members. TeamScan® assists in building dynamic teams as they increase their understanding of each other – their strength and responses.

Developing Leadership? There is an important difference between leadership and management. Good leaders are good managers even if they do not do the actual ‘managing.’ Leaders know what has to be done, set vision and goals and provide a path to success!

Improving Interview Techniques? Using the Job Dynamics Analysis® and creating a JobScan® based on your expectations of the role, we provide you with dynamic information that does not appear on the CV. An interview Guide is provided as part of the analysis.

Motivating your People? Do your people come to work to become part of the answer or part of the problem? Knowing who they are and what motivates them is vital! Did you know that some personalities are ‘turned off’ by certain environments? Others are motivated by their surroundings.

Cross-Cultural Communication? We live in a multi-cultural society and it is important that apart from personality understanding, we appreciate the differing world-views of those with whom we work. In this way we can avoid ‘minefields of misunderstanding.’ Are you detecting ‘stress areas’ in your organisation?

Customer Relationships? Some personalities ‘fit’ a sales and customer profile. Some people are good listeners and non-judgemental. They know how to evaluate the needs of the customers and do it either intuitively or through analysis. Understanding your staff is the first step in this direction.

Selecting the Right Applicant? Many applicants appear to be ‘right’ as they present themselves to you, but we can rate their potential as part of the Job Dynamics Analysis® which will give you a good understanding of their personality and their predictable responses.

Enhancing Communication? Increasing the communication skills of your staff always adds to the efficiency of your organisation. Conflict Resolution skills need to be developed in people as well as understanding how they will react or respond under pressure.

Job-Related Stress? We all need to work under some stress, but some personalities increase their stress load by self-imposed and unrealistic goals. Others, because of their loyalty push themselves beyond their capacity. We identify many stressors for them.

Cross Training? Are you providing opportunities for cross-training in your organisation? Are people just ‘doing a job,’ ‘occupying a position’ or ‘accepting responsibility’ for being at work. There is a real difference to be noted and opportunities will be provided.

Reducing Turnover? Have you sat down and calculated what it costs you to replace a staff member? Apart from the cash component, what about the loss of productivity with the change in staff and the time it takes to train their replacement? And let’s not forget the turmoil that inevitably occurs with the rest of the staff!

Efficient Performance Evaluations? You don’t just want to know how well your staff members are performing; you will want to empower them to increase their skill set and improve productivity. Key Performance Indicators, set by the individual with their manager are vital.

Interpersonal Conflict? How much time are you losing as people ‘defend their turf’ and channel their resources into winning battles, rather than accomplishing organisational goals? Learn the back-up styles of people when ‘it just isn’t worth it anymore!’

Team Building? Working with your present personnel to enhance the synergies within the team to produce positive results within the organisation is absolutely vital! As they learn to understand themselves and the others on their team they will increase their synergies.