The Prophet & the Prostitute


He may have been in his early twenties; wandering through the hills and valleys of the north; meditating upon the Invisible God he loved and desired and thinking about the eternal God, more than any of the Baals or Ashtoreths abounding in the land.  He walked past an idol grove, watching the debauched worship of the idol as men and women engaged in sexual immorality at its feet. His heart heaved in revulsion at what he saw. This true patriot cried out to God, recalling the history of his nation. What promise they had, if only they had obeyed!  This God who had led their ancestors out of Egyptian slavery and bondage by mighty signs and wonders is now ignored by the masses and worshipped only by a faithful few. Hosea was one of the few! And what happened next was a miracle of grace, forgiveness and restoration!

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