River is Flowing eBook

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A River is Flowing is a well-documented and interesting account of the work of the Holy Spirit through the Church as expressed in the Assemblies of God Fellowship in Australia.We owe much to the fathers of our fellowship, who, against great difficulties held firmly to the principles of allowing the Holy Spirit to move in supernatural ways in their midst. Pastors Denis and Gwen Smith have captured something of the spirit of the pioneers who started this river under God which was then only a very small stream.

Today, that small stream is now a broad river bringing life, healing and salvation wherever it flows. We give all glory to the Lord Jesus in what He has done over the last 50 years. Today the Assemblies of God is the fastest growing church in Australia. It now rejoices in the fact that it has been opening one new church every six days across the nation with thousands of people being swept into the kingdom of God each year.

May the river continue to flow until it covers the whole of this nation so that we truly may become the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.

Wayne Alcorn – President Australian Christian Churches 2013



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