Diary of a Pioneer


Pastor Don Westbrook felt that God was speaking to him to offer his abilities to make the Papua New Guinea venture a success. He had been a builder for many years before following the call of God into full time ministry. Pastor Cyril Westbrook asked his step-mother, Winnie Westbrook, in her later years, to relate the story of his father’s going to New Guinea.  She said that one day he came from his study and said “Let’s have a cuppa and a chat together.”   She said “I told him there is no need as God has already talked to me, and it is okay.” She released him to make himself available to be Pastor Hugh Davidson’s helper and companion in launching the New Guinea Mission. On the 22nd October 1948, Don sailed with Hugh Davidson on the Malekula to take the first bold steps to pioneer the Assemblies of God in Papua New Guinea …..



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