‘People are talking about ‘the end of the world.’ Give your people a biblical understanding of what will happen in the future by inviting Denis to present the series in your church.

Why leave their information source to Time, Dan Brown and Hollywood?  On this page you will find information concerning the ‘Amazing Prophecies’ series.  Each presentation can stand alone however, a series of messages has proven the most productive to maintain interest in this vital subject.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

This is the personal journey of faith of Denis V Smith. With family roots in Mormonism in the USA, he had a ‘Damascus Road’ conversion while serving in the RAAF in 1958. A Corporal gave him his Bible and an amazing sequence of events soon followed. His “escapades” as a young believer brought him to stand behind a golden eagle and preach to a crowd of people who has gathered for a “prayer meeting” that was announced on the Camp Bulletin Board. He later found he had a praying mother who had died when he was a young child. His testimony clearly shows the sovereign hand of God moving in life and is both encouraging and challenging to those who need a miracle of God’s grace for their families.

Melchior the Magi

This is a well-researched presentation of the astronomical, astrological, and historical events concerning the birth of Christ.  The story is told by one of the Wise Men who travelled first to Herod the Great searching for the one born “King of the Jews.” Supernaturally warned and taking note of the movement of the planets, they found who they were looking for in Bethlehem.

It is an ideal Christmas outreach and can be used to convince sceptics of the accuracy of the Bible and the true meaning of Christmas.

It is amazing to think that magazines, newspapers and on-line psychics get more attention about this subject than the Christian Church gives. Why is this so?

This series answers real questions people are asking!  Everyone needs to know the answers to what happens beyond the grave. Use these messages as a trilogy – e.g. Death, Angels and Heaven. Better still – prepare your church for the whole series which is presented with sensitivity and care.


The Passover

This presentation has thrilled audiences of all ages as they are taken back to 33 AD to see the biblical Passover re-enacted.  Explanations are given as to the origin of the Passover Feast celebrated by Israel after they had been led from Egypt by Moses.  The Plagues of Egypt are described as God showed His power over the Egyptian gods.  They are then shown how the present day Communion Service evolved from this event. Local church participation is encouraged in this drama. A script is sent to participants before the presentation to provide for an action-packed presentation.

Me a Witness – you’ve got to be kidding!

This is a well-illustrated and practical message of how each member of the congregation can share their faith in their “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the earth.” It clearly shows how you do not have to be an ‘evangelist’ to share Good News!   Although Jesus said we would be “martyrs” as is translated in the original Greek from Acts 1:8, there is more to the story.

The remarkable story of May Shields is shared as she literally went every day into the “uttermost parts of the earth.”  This is great encouragement to any congregations that are serious about reaching their communities.