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“In these amazing and illustrated seminars I came to understand something of God’s eternal purposes and the part I can play in His plan for my life.”

“The information provided encouragement and motivation to keep me walking in the light of true biblical Christianity.”

“You provided answers to meet the needs of a world that many times walks in fear.”

“Can you correlate Nebuchadnezzar’s vision and Daniel’s dream one more time for me?” –  a 12 year old boy after a ‘Prophecy’ presentation in his church

Each presentation comes with a Study Guide to assist participants in their understanding of the subject.

National Aglow Conference – Dallas Brooks Hall – Melbourne Australia

“Denis, we thank you for the richness and fullness of all that you brought to those present and the uniqueness of your presentations.  We were privileged to have had you in our midst and are thankful that the Holy Spirit has led you to prepare this timely message and seal it in your heart for the Body of Christ.”  Kerry-Ellen Logan—National President—Aglow Australia.


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Dr. Denis V Smith has captivated audiences around Australia with his multi-media presentations. He is an accomplished Bible teacher and uses modern technology to advantage as he communicates to a generation that has been raised in a multi-media environment. Participants are able to follow the presentations with a Study Guide; so they are seeing, hearing and writing notes to gain a contemporary understanding of God’s Word. For over 50 years he has proclaimed these challenging messages in many nations and is widely accepted as a significant teacher who is able to impart the precepts, principles and promises from the Bible.

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Each multi-media presentation includes hundreds of slides, videos and soundtracks so the audience is fully involved. Messages last 50 minutes with each dynamic multi-media presentation like a ‘six-o’clock’ biblical news service with plenty of action. The number of young people who express their appreciation is amazing! They like the multi-media action as well as the biblical presentation. The older ones who are more aware of their Bible comment that it gives them ‘great perspective’ on their belief. ‘A breath of fresh air,’ was another comment.

Rev Bruce Hills wrote – “Thank you, Denis, for the teaching services. The response from people has been unprecedented. The sheer numbers of people who came spoke volumes of the quality and relevance of your teaching. Many people commented about the thoroughness yet understandableness of your sessions. Without exception, everyone said your communication was brilliant!”

Dr Denis V. Smith ministered to us on the subject of End Times. I felt God wanted to have an emphasis on this important but sadly neglected subject in our church. Attendance at all meetings was very good at the six meetings. Denis’ presentations were professional and dynamic and carried the anointing of the Holy Spirit to drive home to the hearts of the people the urgent message of biblical eschatology and current world events. All were impacted and many responded with renewed dedication to the task of evangelism and witness. This message needs to be trumpeted throughout the Body of Christ and the world at large.” Richard Warner – Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Centre, Keysborough, Victoria Australia

Dr Denis Smith has presented both the series ‘Eternity’ and ‘Amazing Prophecies’ in our church.  The format is informative, thought provoking and inspiring.

The multi-media presentations will keep your attention and arouse an interest in the subjects that will impact you in life and for eternity. I encourage you to have Denis visit and bless your fellowship.”   Pastor Claude Fingleton [Senior Pastor] Cathedral of Praise Rockhampton