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A River is Flowing

Early History of the Assemblies of God in Australia

Understand how God chose seventeen seemingly insignificant men and women to establish a fellowship of churches that has influenced nations.

Charles L Greenwood







Born in humble circumstances, C.L.Greenwood had to make his own way in the world with very little assistance of any kind.  The Lord, however, Who sees the end from the beginning, saw as He looked upon this young man so full of vitality and enthusiasm for everything he took an interest in the potential forces for good and the extension of His kingdom if only He could win him for Himself.

FOUNDATIONS – the 1937 historical conference!








On Saturday March 27 1937, there were present Pastors C.L. Greenwood, C.G. Enticknap, P. B. Duncan. H.E. Wiggins, W.A. Buchanan, J.M. Roberts, C. Reid, W. J. Enticknap H. Slade, T. Reekie, C. Purvis, H. Luke, R. Smith, R. Ellis, D.H. Armstrong, A. Davidson, G. Domrow (C.C.C. Brisbane by courtesy) and Sister N. Mather. Henry Wiggins opened this historic conference with prayer….

Alec T Davidson







Brought up in a Baptist Church, but without any real knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus, he very soon lost all desire for spiritual things; so much so, that by the time he was seventeen years old he was steeped in rationalism, a confirmed agnostic. He eventually came to Christ but was a bitter antagonist to Pentecostal teaching and publicly denounced the Pentecostal Church from his pulpit. He placed in his local church’s Constitution that “no Pentecostal could preach from this pulpit!”

The Enticknap Story








In 1914, during World War One, W.J. Enticknap Snr, a fervent Methodist from Macknade, near Ingham, North Queensland, visited Melbourne with a delegation of sugar farmers. Enticknap Snr. had been a gold-miner on the Croydon goldfields in far North Queensland where he was the manager of the Golden Gate mine, and wore two six-shooters in his belt.

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What is happening in the world?

People around the world are asking, “Is this the End Times?”  Check out the Amazing Prophecy series and get a biblical foundation so you can evaluate world events!

The Crocodile and the Comic Book

Over the years, I have shared these stories many times. People have encouraged me to write them down to provide a glimpse into the “lighter side” of missionary service in Papua New Guinea. They are shared for information and encouragement to pray for the Assemblies of God of Papua New Guinea – many have sown the seed, watered it with their prayers – and God has given the increase!


My Mother was a Prostitute!

As a young man, growing up in this nation, Jephthah would only see that which was visible. Not only was he acquainted with a world of perversion, he had a scar in his heart and on his life which would cause most people to quit before they started their journey. Jews were proud of their ancestry. They enlisted the services of genealogists to ensure their pedigree. They were like most people today – name-droppers! They could tell you if their relatives were listed in the “Who’s Who” of Israel.  This man could not!

Beautiful Hearts – Beautiful Feet

Jack and Hazel Easton had no biological children. Although, it must be said at the outset that they have thousands of children and grandchildren – only heaven’s records hold the reality of those numbers. Gwen and I had the privilege to become two of those children to Jack and Hazel. Although Gwen was their niece, she was looked on as a ‘daughter’ and myself the nephew that God brought into their lives through marriage to Gwen.


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“In these amazing and illustrated seminars I came to understand something of God’s eternal purposes and the part I can play in His plan for my life.”

Amazing Prophecies

Covers the predictions of Daniel, Ezekiel, Jesus. Paul and John

Eternity Series

Covers Immortality, Death, What happens when I die? Angels and Heaven