In Honour of the 70th Anniversary of the Assemblies of God in Papua New Guinea

Jack and Hazel Easton had no biological children. Although, it must be said at the outset that they have thousands of children and grandchildren – only heaven’s records hold the reality of those numbers. Gwen and I had the privilege to become two of those children to Jack and Hazel. Although Gwen was their niece, she was looked on as a ‘daughter’ and myself the nephew that God brought into their lives through marriage to Gwen.

When it comes to important cultural ceremonies, there is often a greater bond in the New Guinea culture between uncle and nephew than father and son. We respect that relationship, and hold dear the many memories of this incredible couple, who had beautiful hearts and beautiful feet.

In a nation where, oral tradition was the foundation for keeping memories alive, this is our tribute, to ensure that their story is not forgotten, and that those who read it will understand the legacy they left around the world.

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