It is amazing to think that magazines, newspapers and on-line psychics get more attention about this subject than the Christian Church gives.

This dynamic series answers real questions people are asking!  Everyone in this world needs to know the answers to what happens beyond the grave.

Dr. Denis V Smith has captivated audiences around Australia with his multi-media presentations. He is an accomplished Bible teacher and uses modern technology to advantage as he communicates to a generation that has been raised in a multi-media environment. Participants are able to follow the presentations with a Study Guide; so they are seeing, hearing and writing notes to gain a contemporary understanding of God’s Word. For over 50 years he has proclaimed these challenging messages in many nations and is widely accepted as a significant teacher who is able to impart the precepts, principles and promises from the Bible.

Each multi-media presentation includes hundreds of slides, videos and soundtracks so the audience is fully involved. Messages last 50 minutes with each dynamic multi-media presentation like a ‘six-o’clock’ biblical news service with plenty of action. The number of young people who express their appreciation is amazing! They like the multi-media action as well as the biblical presentation. The older ones who are more aware of their Bible comment that it gives them ‘great perspective’ on their belief. ‘A breath of fresh air,’ was another comment.


Why do we die? Why are people afraid to die?  Is it possible that we can live forever?  Can we be sure? Where can we find hope?  This study traces the history of mankind’s search to live forever and how different cultures have expressed the same aspiration around the world.  Although the cultural expressions may be different, they all define an important truth – people want to live forever.  Regardless of how death is celebrated, it all means the same thing – we are leaving this life for another.  Where will you be? Study Book Included

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What happens when we die? Many people have no idea of the answer and turn to every source they can find except the right one.  Has anyone ever come back to life to tell us? Will the journey hurt us?  Where do we go? This study traces the biblical record concerning the events that occur when we die.  It is not only a fascinating study on what happens but provides a strong foundation to understand other references to death in the Scriptures.  The one person who has actually conquered death gives us the realities of what happens to us when we finally die. Study Book Included

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Many people are talking about angels in the twenty-first century.  The challenge is to find out the truth. What better way is there to go and find out from the One who created angels?  Where did angels come from?  Are they active in the lives of people today?  How many angels are there?  Why does the present generation have a fascination to angels?  In this presentation, you will find answers as to their origin, activities and their future.  Are angels good or bad?  What are demons and where did they come from?  What do they do?  You will be amazed at just how much information is given concerning angels in the Bible. Find out the answers on this informative DVD.

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Is Heaven real?  How do we get there? What will we do when we get there?  Will we see God? Will we recognise each other?  This study provides answers to the many questions people have concerning Heaven.  The ‘three heavens’ are described and the ultimate rewards and privileges of those who get there.   How can we be assured we will get there?  Is Heaven a place or just a state of being in another existence? Find out the answers on this DVD.

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What will happen in the future? Will paradise return to earth?  What will happen on the earth?  How will we spend eternity?  What things will happen on the earth before we see the ‘new heavens and new earth?’ This study traces the things that will occur on earth during the last period of time before God finally intervenes and sets up His kingdom on the earth. Study Book Included

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