John Alexander Dowie [1847-1907]

When God was pouring out His Spirit in the UK, John Alexander Dowie was born in Scotland. His father was a tailor, his mother illiterate.  In 1860, he travelled to his uncle in Australia, who set him to work as a shoe salesman.  He found Christ as his Saviour through Henry Wright. Later he returned to Scotland to study for the ministry. Upon the completion of his studies, he returned to Australia, where he assumed the pastorate of a church in South Australia, in April 1872.  Read more >>>>

Zion City

by John Alexander Dowie | 1902

Philip B Duncan [1899 – 1990]

“My father Frederick lived for the Gospel – my father was a simple preacher and a remarkable soul winner for Christ and my mother an adorable person with a sweet voice to sing the old-time Gospel hymns of appeal. Impressions were strong.

At five years of age the revival meetings were the breath that permeated every fibre of my being and a sense of God was in all my formative reality and understanding.

In 1914, during World War One, W.J. Enticknap Snr, a fervent Methodist from Macknade, near Ingham, North Queensland, visited Melbourne with a delegation of sugar farmers. Enticknap Snr. had been a gold-miner on the Croydon goldfields in far North Queensland where he was the manager of the Golden Gate mine, and wore two six-shooters in his belt.  What happened as a result of his visit to Melbourne birthed a river of influence that reached thousands with Good News …

Euphemia and Karl Kraemer

In 1923, missionary Ernest and Effie Kramer and his family from Good News Hall were visiting Deep Well, south of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.  Travelling in their wagon, pulled by two camels with two goats tethered behind it, they were heading to Alice Springs where they intended to settle. They travelled around 13-14 kilometres each day.  Advertising his real reason for coming north was the enigmatic sign on both sides of the caravan, “Behold! I come quickly!”  It testified to his faith and not their travelling time! Church services were held in a bough shed which Pastor Kramer built as a house of worship for aborigines to attend. Read More >>>

Alec T Davidson [1912 – 1987]

His ministry included visiting assemblies, conducting training courses, business meetings, visiting New Guinea, attending State Conferences, Executive meetings, camps and visiting Commonwealth Bible College. Known to many as ‘A. T.,’ he endeared himself to the pastors and leaders of the Fellowship as he moved around the country, encouraging and uplifting the ministers and their wives. He had a unique and exhorting ministry which did much to help those feeling the burden of the work of God.   He and his wife proved themselves to be real friends to all who got to know them personally.

Gypsy Smith [1860 –1947]

Rodney “Gypsy” Smith MBE was a British evangelist who conducted evangelistic campaigns in the United States and Great Britain for over 70 years. He said, “I didn’t go through your colleges and seminaries. They wouldn’t have me… but I have been to the feet of Jesus where the only true scholarship is learned.” Read More >>>

I Can Hear My Saviour Calling

by Gypsy Smith

Henry Excelsior Wiggins

In 1996, Henry Wiggins wrote in the Australia Evangel, “There comes a time for the traveller of many years to ease up a little; then starts the fascinating period of reminiscing! What a kaleidoscope of almost forgotten pictures pour through the mind! Forgotten, momentarily, are the names of people and places, and even Scriptures so well known, in the present, but with amazing clarity and accuracy come the memories of bygone years and even childhood.

Charles L Greenwood [1891 – 1969]

In 1969, I was serving as the Assistant Pastor to C. L Greenwood. That year, he was involved in a road accident and died some days later. The Church was stunned as Dr. Ray Moulton; the Secretary of Richmond Temple approached the pulpit at the end of the Sunday evening service and solemnly announced on the 5th January 1969, “Our beloved pastor is with the Lord.” His very large funeral was held at Richmond Temple at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 8th January with Pastor A. T. Davidson, the Assemblies of God Commonwealth Chairman conducting the service. His two favourite hymns were sung, “I shall Know Him” and “The Glory Song.”  Read More >>>>

FOUNDATIONS – the 1937 historical conference!

On Saturday March 27th 1937, commencing at 9 o’clock, there were present Pastors C.L. Greenwood, C.G. Enticknap P. Duncan. H.E. Wiggins, W.A. Buchanan, J.M. Roberts, C. Reid, W. J. Enticknap H. Slade, T. Reekie, C. Purvis, H. Luke, R. Smith, R. Ellis, D.H. Armstrong, A. Davidson, G. Domrow (C.C.C. Brisbane by courtesy) and Sister N. Mather. Henry Wiggins opened this historic conference with prayer.  What followed was the laying of the foundations for a Pentecostal Fellowship in Australia.. Download the free eBook >>>